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Room Control Systems

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  • Vaddio AV Bridge Room Based HD Media Streaming Device

    Vaddio AV Bridge Bring Room AV Devices into the digital Domain with Vaddios AV Bridge Vaddio’s new AV Bridge is a room based HD Media Streaming appliance enabling IP or USB steaming of content originating from audio and video equipment. Key benefits of the AV Bridge include: The AV Bridge combines the capabilities of PC capture devices with that of IP streaming devices to create an affordable, single solution t...

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Thanks guys for such wonderful deals. You guys are great to work with and have a great attitude.  When I’m spending over 10k I like to make sure I’m not getting cheated, and these guys are very straight forward and they don’t beat around the bush.  My first purchase was a Midas Mixer and I got it 3 days after my purchase and received a free set of headphones. I’m used to getting candy, and letters with the equipment , but never free equipment :).. Thanks Guys

You Guys ROCK!!

Tim Alvarez