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    Bosch PLE-SDT

    SD Tuner BGM source

    PLE-SDT # Bosch PLE-SDT

    • Play MP3s from SD Card or MMC Cards
    • Plays MP3s from USB via USB Port
    • FM Tuner with Presets and Controls

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    Electro-Voice UCC1 IRIS-Net Remote Control Interface

    USB to CAN bus interface for IRIS-NET controlled devices

    UCC1 # Electro-VoiceUCC1

    • Remote Control Interface for IRIS-Net
    • USB-CAN Converter
    • Supports up to 100 CAN Devices

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    Electro-Voice RCM-28 IRIS-Net OMNEO Module

    OMNEO Network & DSP Module for Tour Grade Amplifiers

    RCM-28 # Electro-VoiceRCM-28

    • OMNEO Network Interface
    • Extend Tour Grade Performance
    • Advanced FIR-Drive

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    Bosch PLE-2CS

    2-zone, call station

    PLE-2CS # Bosch PLE-2CS

    • PTT Activation
    • LED Indicators
    • Flexible Mic Stem

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    Bosch PLE-1CS

    All-call, call station

    PLE-1CS # Bosch PLE-1CS

    • PTT Activation
    • Green LED Indicator
    • Unidirectional Condenser

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    Bosch PLE-WP3S2Z

    Wall panel

    PLE-WP3S2Z # Bosch PLE-WP3S2Z

    • Remote zone selection
    • Connects Via Standard CAT5 Cable
    • For Plena Easyline Mixer / Amplifiers

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    QSC XF-1 Isolation Transformer

    Input Isolation Transformer – Transformer For Reducing Common Mode Noise.

    XF-1 Isolation Transformer # QSC XF-1 Isolation Transformer

    • Precisely Balances And Isolates.
    • Easy To Install.
    • High-Bandwidth Input.

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    QSC XC-3 Two Way Crossover

    QSC XC-3 Crossover – Active 2-Way Crossover For Bi-Amped Speakers. Can Be Used With LF-3 For Tri-Amp Operation XC-3 The XC-3 is an active two-way crossover for use with bi-amplified loudspeakers.

    XC-3 Two Way Crossover # QSC XC-3 Two Way Crossover

    • Dual Way Crossover.
    • Save Cost And Rack Space.
    • combination with the LF-3,

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    QSC UF-3 Universal Filter

    Universal Filter – Two Independent Channels Of Fourth Order Filtering Configurable For High-Pass, Low-Pass, Or Band-Pass Operation, Plus CD-Horn EQ

    UF-3 Universal Filter # QSC UF-3 Universal Filter

    • DCA Series Or CX Series Amps.
    • Active Balanced XLR Inputs.
    • Selectable Subsonic Frequencies .

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    QSC SF-3 Subwoofer Filter

    Subwoofer Filter – Provides Adjustable Bandpass Filtering With Optional B6 Boost And Mono-Summing

    SF-3 Subwoofer Filter # QSC SF-3 Subwoofer Filter

    • DCA Series Or CX Series Amps.
    • Active Balanced XLR Inputs.
    • Selectable Subsonic Frequencies.

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