Clear-Com DX410 Wirelss Intercom system

clearcom dx410

Clearcom New wideband Intercom System 2.4 GHz

The new DX410 system is great for midsize to large churches and production houses. The DX410 was introduced at LDI2015 in Las Vegas. The DX410 is a 2 channel 2.4 GHz wireless digital intercom system that has exceptional audio quality.  The DX210 does not have this quality of audio.  The transmission and reception on the DX410 has been upgraded as well as 2 wire/4wire bridging, and 2 wire auto nulling.  You can now use the 4 wire out to send audio to a mixer, or any other audio source.  The DX410 uses FHSS, which is the frequency hopping system and is also avoids wifi signal when in 2.4GHz , so no licenses necessary.


The DX410 consists of a very compact and durable BP410  wireless belt pack, and the WH410 which is the wireless headset/belt back system.  You can use these units up to a constant 12 hours of use on a single charge. Now the DX410 system can support up to 15  belt packs or WH410’s at a single time. 



Clearcom BP410 Wireless Beltpack

The BP410 is a wireless beltpack that can be used with the DX410 system. You can use up to 15 of the BP410 in a single DX410 system. The BP410 can provide up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge.

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