Avid VENUE | S6L Digital Mixing Systems

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Avid VENUE | S6L Digital Mixing Systems are special bundles that give you the latest digital technology with modular architecture. Modular architecture means that you can mix and match components to customize your own live sound system! While the street prices of the systems and componets are set, we might be able to offer you a discount. Why is that? Because Muzeek World is already taking orders on these soon-to-be-released modular live sound systems! Take a look and see what a VENUE | S6L system is made of!


VENUE | S6L Control Surfaces

The Avid VENUE | S6L control surfaces are what you'll be interacting with the most out of all the system components. The panel gives you extensive, intuitive control over all areas of your mix. Knobs, faders, buttons and touchscreen displays work together to accommodate even the most modern of workflows. High resolution OLED displays and meters provide you with clear, visual feedback. This is true even in bright, outdoor environments.

There are three versions of the S6L Control Surface: the S6L-32D, the S6L-24D and the S6L-24. While there aren't many differences between the three, the differences will have an impact on which one you decide to get. Follow the links to learn more about each one.

Each control surface features an assortment of modules that offer extensive control. There are five modules total: the Master touchscreen, the master Live Module, the Channel Fader Module, the Channel Knob Module and the Channel Touch Module. Both the S6L-32D and the S6L-24D come with some form of every module, while the S6L-24 lacks the Channel Touch Module. You can always purchase a Channel Touch Module and add it onto the S6L-24 if you like!


If you're interested in a special discount or quote on any of these items, send an email to sales@muzeekworld.com! You can also fill out a contact form in the sidebar.


Avid VENUE | S6L E6L Engine


The heart of the Avid VENUE | S6L digital mixing system is the E6L engine. It's designed to outperform every other engine on the market! It utilizes two advanced processing technologies: real-time processing and HDX-powered digital signal processing (DSP for short). The real-time processing takes care of all mixing, channel and routing functions. The HDX-powered DSP takes care of all AAX plugin processing, including full automatic delay compensation. Low latency and high plugin performance keep your system running with phenomenal power, stability and efficiency.

There are two versions of of the VENUE | E6L Engine: the E6L-192 and the E6L-144. The main difference comes down to the input channels. The E6L-192 has 192 input channels, while the E6L-144 has 144. Follow the links for other differences in both features and price. You can outfit your E6L engine with various optional expansion cards. There are four total: the AVB-192, the HDX-192, the MADI-192 and the TBT-192. The AVB-192 is an Ethernet AVB network card that gives you two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports, one copper and one fiber (SFP). The HDX-192 is a DSP expansion card that gives you additional AAX plugin processing power. Every E6L comes standard with one of these and can be expanded to up to four (E6L-192 only). The MADI-192 is a MADI option card that provides you with bidirectional MADI over BNC connectors. The TBT-192 is a Thunderbolt option card that provides you with high-channel recording and playback to and from a compatible Pro Tools system. That's right, the VENUE | S6L is Pro Tools-compatible!


If you're interested in a special discount or quote on any of these items, send an email to sales@muzeekworld.com! You can also fill out a contact form in the sidebar.


VENUE | Stage 64 I/O Rack

The Avid VENUE | Stage 64 is an I/O rack that can be filled with up to 64 inputs and 32 outputs. You can daisy chain additional boxes to a Stage 64 to expand your I/O even further! There are two versions available for purchase: one 48x8 version and an empty version that only comes with the 10U chassis. Five optional expansion cards give you access to both analog and digital I/O formats.


The street prices of all these fantastic VENUE | S6L digital mixing system components are available, but there aren't any special discounts listed. If you're interested in any specials or discounts we offer, send us an email at sales@muzeekworld.com. You can also fill out a contact form in the sidebar.

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