Bose F1 Array Powered, Portable System

Bose F1 Flexible Array Speaker System Model 812 loudspeaker line subwoofer sub mount mounted

We're now taking pre-orders for the latest Bose speaker system: the F1 Flexible Array System! This affordable audio solution is a portable, powered loudspeaker system that offers user-controllable vertical coverage patterns! What does that mean exactly? It means you control how your audio is directed at your audience! Let's examine this feature!


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First off, there are two components that make up this portable, powered speaker system: the F1 Model 812 Flex Array Speaker and the F1 Subwoofer. The unique user-controllable coverage pattern feature is found in the F1 Model 812. Behind the sleek grill are eight drivers that sit on a flexible baffle. Each driver is mounted on a custom 100° waveguide in order to provide wide, even coverage. You can push and pull on the flexible baffle to set the drivers in four different coverage pattern positions: Straight, J, C and Reverse J. Straight can be used when the speaker system is on the same plane as the audience (think playing on the floor). The J position can be used when the speaker system is above the audience (onstage). Both the C and Reverse J positions can be used when the audience is higher than the speaker system, like in stadium or theater seat environments. Once the vertical coverage pattern position is set, the system automatically changes the equalization to maintain the best tonal balance for the coverage pattern!


While there are two components to the Bose F1 Array Speaker System, they work together to provide amazing quality performance! The F1 Subwoofer has an integrated extension bracket that allows you to mount the F1 812 Flex Array Speaker on top of the subwoofer. Channel cables come with it that let you hide the wires and keep your system sleek and clean!


We're already taking pre-orders on this portable, powered system that's expected to ship in August. Don't wait and get your system put on backorder! Order today by sending us an email at! You can also fill out a contact form in the sidebar.

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