Music Systems for Hotels and Businesses

FSR BMS-1032 1032 background music system commercial audio business face front panel rear back io i o i/o 1032-BASE

Music systems for hotels and businesses need to be powerful enough to work across multi-room environments, but simple enough to be user-friendly. That's where the FSR BMS-1032 comes in. This background music system, also known as a business music system, is a cost-effective CAT 5 cabling solution the provides one main unit with multiple audio control wall plates.


The FSR 1032 features 10 inputs and is suited for various commercial audio applications and environments. The system is a combination of a main I/O unit and multiple audio control wall plates. The chassis can be rack or shelf mounted and accommodates the main audio input card and up to eight stacking four-room output cards. A single one of these background music system units can handle up to 32 rooms, making the FSR 1032 perfect for hotel audio. Control signals and digital stereo audio are transmitted and distributed through a single CAT-5 cable. A power supply is included, but you'll need to purches the audio control wall plates individually. This allows you to customize your audio controls to your exact requirements, compared to purchasing a hypothetical bundle and then being stuck with more wall plates than the application needs.


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One of the greatest things about this music system for hotels and businesses is that it works with all distributed music systems and audio sources, including CDs and DVDs! The local audio input lets you connect devices (CD players, tape players, etc.) in every applicable room. There's also a paging function that allows for PA-style paging over the connected speakers in the system.


The audio control wall plates give users access to volume control, channel selection and page programming. Each plate has a headphone jack that allows for private listening. The wall plates run directly to the main unit through the single CAT-5 cable and can run 500 feet if the plates control powered speakers or 1000 feet if controlling the line level output.


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