New Allen & Heath GLD Chrome Mixers

Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Edition Digital Mixing Console Mixer face top front panel control surface GLD112 GLD 112

Allen & Heath has debuted new Chrome Edition models of the GLD-80 and GLD-112 digital mixing consoles and Muzeek World has them! These new Chrome versions feature a sleek metal design, as well as updated firmware with a host of new features and effects. Let's take a look!


One of the greatest firmware additions is the inclusion of Auto Mic Mixing, or AMM. You can utilize AMM to work across all 44 microphone sources, letting you choose what inputs should automatically mix without the restrictions of 16 channel insert-based systems. AMM works in two modes: D-Classic and Number of Open Microphones (NOM). D-Classic provides dynamic gain sharing and makes setup quick and easy. NOM uses logic gate technology to provide a flexible automated mix. The Best Mic Lock system can sense cross talk between various sources and limits open microphones. Auto Mic Mixing makes both the GLD-80 and GLD-112 Chrome Editions the perfect choice for mixing television shows, conferences and panel talks. It's amazing!


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The Chrome Edition Allen & Heath GLD-80 and Allen & Heath GLD-112 digital mixers feature unique DEEP Plugin architecture that lets you choose from a number of various processing units on each input and mix channel. The 16T and 16Vu, two new RMS-VCA compressor models, are included in the new firmware. You can select any of the six compressor emulations on any input or mix channel at a moment's notice. This won't take up any FX slots or add latency to the performance of these compact digital mixers. Each of the six compressors feature essential functions like sidechain filters, gain reduction and wet/dry compression balancing.


Allen & Heath has included multiple additions to the onboard FX and processing suite. A new Stereo Tap Delay is included and features 2.7 second maximum delay time, millisecond mode and Tap Tempo functions. The Bucket Brigade delay emulates solid state delay devices, while Echo authentically reproduces the classic tape echo system made popular in the 1970s. Beyond that there are eight stereo RackExtra FX engines that have additional buses and channels, including eight dedicated short returns with four-band parametric EQ! Each effect engine can access a library of 19 different units with hundreds of presets. Dynamic tools like compressors are bundled with the Chrome Editions as well.


There's plenty more to love about these Chrome Edition digital mixers from Allen & Heath, including USB stereo recording/playback and wireless remote control through the GLD Remote iPad application! To learn more about either of these GLD models, follow the links at the top of the article or send us an email at!

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