Roland Keyboards for Your Church

Roland RD-800 RD 800 RD800 stage piano digital electric keyboard SuperNATURAL engine face front control surface keys stand pedal pedals

We now have the perfect Roland keyboards for your church! The Roland RD-300NX, Roland RD-64 and Roland RD-800 are three digital stage pianos that come with a variety of features made for onstage performances. This trio provides you with multiple options to choose what keyboard to bring into your house of worship. Advanced sound engine and keyboard technology give you the power you need to perform the best musical services of your life!


These Roland keyboards feature the acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine. This builds upon elements established when Roland first developed the RD series of stage pianos. SuperNATURAL technology improves essentials like note decay, key-range behavior and velocity response in order to give you smooth, responsive sound. This technology also provides you with authentic acoustic piano sounds, in addition to a variety of other instrument emulations that include organs, clavs and synthesizers! Every keyboard has designated sound libraries and instrument emulations, with the RD-800 offering the largest library with over 1,100 sounds! The variation in sound libraries gives you the option of choosing which is right for you.


In fact, the variations and differences between the RD-300NX, RD-64 and RD-800 give you different options for finding the right Roland keyboard for your church! For example, if you're looking for an instrument that can double as a master MIDI controller, the RD-64 and RD-800 have that feature. The RD-300NX doesn't. If you're looking for something with a clear LCD display, you can choose between the RD-300NX and RD-800. If you need something with many keys, choose the RD-300NX or the RD-800, which have 88 keys. The RD-64 only has 64 keys, but its compact size and lightweight design make it more travel-friendly compared to the other two Roland keyboards. All three models feature keys made from material that mimicks the feel of real ebony and ivory keys, but only the RD-800 has the latest touch-detection technology to provide you with sensitive, accurate response.


These three keyboards would be great additions to your church services. For more information on any of the three models, send us an email at! You can also fill out a contact form in the sidebar.

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