Yamaha TF Series Mixers

Yamaha TF5 TF 5 Digital Mixing Console mixer face front panel control surface TouchFlow Touch Flow

Yamaha TF Series mixers are brand new! They were announced today at Musikmesse in Germany. The series is a trio of digital mixers and are as follows: Yamaha TF1, Yamaha TF3 and Yamaha TF5. These compact units feature advanced TouchFlow Operation technology that vastly enhances workflow by making nearly every function and parameter available for editing in the included touchscreen display.The TF Series mixers are some of the most affordable digital consoles on the market. The TF1 runs a retail price of only $2,499, the TF3 is $2,999 and the TF5 is $3,599. The price to feature ratio beats out some of the more expensive digital consoles. These affordable digital mixers raise the bar for live sound reinforcement hardware!


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The standout feature of Yamaha TF Series mixers is the TouchFlow Operation technology. The touch panel control is the lifeblood of this technology. It offers malleable control over just about every preset and function available. Commercial touchscreen technology has existed since the mid 2000s and has become part of our daily lives. The Yamaha TF1, TF3 and TF5 build on our familiarity with touchscreen technology. This means that you can treat the touch panel control like you would your smartphone or tablet! You can swipe, scroll, drag, point, pinch and flick to operate various functions and parameters. TouchFlow Operation gives you the freedom to shape sound with your fingers!


The TouchFlow Operation of the TF Series mixers carries over into their compatible applications.The TF1, TF3 and TF5 are compatible with two types of Apple-based software: TF StageMix and MonitorMix. TF StageMix is an iPad application that gives you remote wireless control over TF series digital mixing consoles. Not only can you use your iPad to control your mix from afar, you can use it as an extension of any TF digital mixer interface. MonitorMix is a software application that lets you utilize individual wireless Aux mixing with up to 10 Apple devices (iPhones and iPads). Now any onstage performers can control their personal mix in a simplified interface!

Beyond TouchFlow Operation and knob functions, Yamaha has included their acclaimed fully recallable D-PRE microphone amplifiers. The circuits achieve clean, detailed amplification with low noise and distortion at all levels. D-PREs are industry-adored mic preamps because they provide a flat, wide frequency response that maintains the original sound. Advanced processors and effects provide you with the tools you need to shape your sound. There's much more to these affordable digital mixers, so head over to the respective product pages to learn more!


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