Steinberg UR12 Affordable Audio Interface

Steinberg UR12 USB audio interface 2.0 2 affordable face front panel UR 12

USB audio interfaces are all the rage these days, and rightly so. They’re conveniently bus-powered through any standard USB port, meaning they’re perfect companions for computer composers. Yet, when it comes to the price point, most audio interfaces end up putting a strain on your wallet. Well that ends now with the Steinberg UR12 affordable audio interface. It combines a durable, compact design with modern essential connectivity and function. It’s USB powered, meaning that it can draw power from your computer.


            The UR12 is an efficient example of how many top-of-the-line components you can place in a single audio interface, while at the same time maintaining an affordable price point. It has the famous Yamaha D-PRE microphone preamplifier for Input 1. That mic preamp provides you with detailed and dynamic sound, which you can record in stunning 24-bit resolution with a maximum sample rate of 192kHz! Input 2 gives you the ability to plug in a guitar or bass into the UR12, thanks to Hi-Z technology.


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            All of those premium components are placed inside an extremely compact design. This affordable audio interface is portable enough to carry around in a backpack or tote. You can take it with you to last-minute recording sessions, or even record in impromptu locations! Steinberg designed the UR12 with a rugged metal casing, meaning you can take it with you without worrying about damaging the interior components. The interior is protected from all the wear and tear that comes with travel.


            But wait, there’s more! The monitor source switch lets you choose between the direct audio signal and the output of your host application (digital audio workstations, recording software, etc.), which makes for latency-free hardware monitoring! The class compliant mode allows you to connect this affordable audio interface with your iPad. This creates a touchscreen-compatible, intuitive music production solution. You can download Steinberg’s Cubasis music application from the App Store to create musical wonders!


The loopback function makes it easy to stream performances! All incoming audio signals are merged to the playback signal from your DAW. The Steinberg UR12 affordable audio interface is compatible with all major digital audio workstations, editing, mastering and music production software that supports ASIO, Core Audio or WDM standard. But what if you don’t have any music production software? Fear not! The UR12 comes with a special version of the Cubase DAW! It’s called Cubase AI and it gives you a complete audio production environment. This version is also upgradable should you choose to get an expanded version of Cubase.


            This is the most affordable audio interface in its class. Beyond the UR12, we also carry the capable, but less portable and more expensive Steinberg UR22, Steinberg UR44, Steinberg UR28M and Steinberg UR824. For a complete recording package we also offer the Steinberg UR22 Recording Pack. Send an email to to find out more about any of these interfaces! You can also fill out a contact form in the sidebar.

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