Steinberg Cubase 8 Music Production Station

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            Muzeek World now has the Steinberg Cubase 8 music production station for sale! Cubase Pro 8 is the latest version of the famous digital audio workstation (DAW for short). This new version takes three decades of Steinberg experience and places it in premium software. Audio engineers and producers, vocalists, guitarists and bassists, songwriters, composers, bands and orchestras all benefit from the industry-famous sound quality, intuitive user-interface and advanced tools. Now you can compose, record, edit and mix audio in an efficient environment!


            Cubase Pro 8 puts creativity first, which is reflected in the provided composition tools. The Score, Drum, List and Key editors are indispensable components in today’s world of music production. Easy to use editing, composing and notation tools provide you with complete MIDI composing and sequencing capabilities. Chord Track, Chord Assistant and Chord Pad are intelligent compositional tools that help you craft chord progressions, patterns and arrangements. Original Steinberg VST Expression technology enables you to work with Note Expression, Expression Maps and VST Dynamics.


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            While composition tools are great to have on hand, the Cubase 8 music production station is much more than that. It’s packed with professional recording capabilities. The award-winning audio engine gives you clean, 32-bit floating point resolution with an incredible maximum sample rate of 192kHz! A stress-free recording environment is possible thanks to effortless I/O and FX handling. The Steinberg-exclusive Control Room gives you a unique recording/monitoring environment where you can seamlessly integrate performer mixes and monitoring setups into your recording workflow. Create and manage up to four individual studio mixes, then feed each performer a personally tailored mix! Control Room also allows for talkback and management of audio sources from tape, CD or DVD formats.


            Multiple editors and functions are included in this Steinberg DAW for easy, efficient audio editing. Warp quantizing lets you slice samples, or even paste them together. Transient and tempo detection helps you organize and craft percussion sections where the beats hit their marks. Other editing tools and functions include the sample editor, smart multi-track editing functions, fast-take comping and integrated vocal editing/pitch alteration of monophonic signals.


            The intuitive user-interface lets you easily produce superb stereo and surround mixes. You have the freedom to tailor the workflow to fit your artistic and creative vision. The new MixConsole features drag and drop support, customizable track icons, VCA faders, dynamic inserts and sends, A/B comparison and global bypass, direct one-click routing and more! Each channel has its own high-end channel strip. Professional studio sound is provided with high and low pass filters, in addition to 4-band equalization. Add full automation and the ability to export your mix into almost any audio file type and you have one of the most powerful mixing stations available on the market!


            Steinberg’s Cubase Pro 8 is amazing! We also have Cubase Artist 8, a version with less tools and features, for sale if that suits you. Send an email to to inquire about either version! You can also fill out a contact form in the sidebar.

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