Nexo NXAMP Accessories

Nexo NXAMP4X1 Power Amplifier TDController TD Controller amp face front panel NX AMP 4X1

Nexo NXAMP power amplifiers are great devices on their own, but become something else entirely with the available accessories. Digital input metering and digital output patching are now possible thanks to the Nexo NXDMU and the Nexo NXDPU, respectively. On top of that, the Nexo NXAMP4X1 and NXAMP4X4 benefit from the availability of Dante and EtherSound protocols through network expansion cards! With all of these accessories, your power amplifier will drive your Nexo speaker system to its full potential!


Let’s take a look at some NXAMP accessories. For a nice breakdown of the power amplifiers, check out this blog post on we did on Nexo NXAMPs for sale.


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Nexo NXDMU Digital Metering Unit


The Nexo DMU makes monitoring audio input activity easy! It’s entirely driven by the NXAMP, drawing signal and power from the NXAMP’s GPIO port. The front panel offers four analog XLR inputs with links, three RJ45 digital audio networking ports and LED VU meters. Input level meters are available on all analog and network inputs.


Nexo NXDPU Digital Patch Unit


            The Nexo DPU makes use of the NXAMP’s channel-by-channel preset selection by automatically routing the outputs to any of the six output connectors on the DPU front panel. Displays next to each input show cabinet names and bridging status. Full redundant power supplies and dual switching offer plenty of protection from power failures.


In addition to those units, we also sell three packages known as the Nexo Universal Amp Racks! These are combinations of the items mentioned above, with the addition of network cards, power distribution boxes (110V) and a case with wheel board! The three packages include one NUAR with two Dante networking cards, one NUAR with EtherSound networking cards and one NUAR with only analog inputs. Check those out below:






All three of those packages come with the following components:

  • 1 x ASD14U + removable wheel board
  • 2 x NXAMP4X4 Power Amplifier (110V)
  • 2 x DMU Digital Meter Unit
  • 2 x DPU Digital Patching Unit
  • 1 x Power Box (110V)
  • 2 x 4U Nexo perforated panels
  • 3 x 2U Nexo perforated panels
  • 2 x DB25 cords
  • 2 x DB9 cords
  • 4 x Speakon 2.5mm power cords
  • 8 x XLR/XLR cords
  • 4 x 250V/10A power cords
  • 6 x RJ45 cords


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