Blackmagic URSA Camera

Blackmagic 4K Digital Cinema Camera EF angle CINECAMURSA4K/EF

The Blackmagic URSA is a high end digital film camera with a form factor that’s flexible enough to use on a variety of productions. Its ergonomic design makes it suitable for both large crew and solo shoots. This is a powerful, yet portable camera that’s made for feature film, television, documentary, commercial, music video and news applications. There are two versions of this camera: the Blackmagic URSA EF and the Blackmagic URSA PL. The difference between these two models is in the lens mount. The EF lens mount model comes with active lens control that offers compatibility with affordable DSLR photo lenses from Canon, Zeiss and other companies. The PL lens mount model works with feature film industry PL lenses, which means that users have access to cinematic optics.


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    This Blackmagic camera has a 4K sensor that offers an exceptionally high level of resolution. An incredible 12 stops of dynamic range makes images look like true digital film. Dark shadows and bright highlights come out in detail and offer a wide range of brightness levels to work with in post production color grading. The Super 35 size global shutter makes for a creative shallow depth of field. Users can shoot in high resolution Ultra HD 12-bit lossless Cinema DNG RAW for superb quality. The Apple ProRes format also allows for shooting in Ultra HD or regular HD. Dual recorders are offered so users don’t have to stop recording. By loading the second recorder slot with an empty CFast card, recording will change over immediately once the first CFast card fills up. New CFast card technology allows for recording up to 350 MB/s at high frame rate RAW recording.

    There are a few monitoring options on this Blackmagic digital camera. A fold out 10-inch screen acts as a large viewfinder. Its brightness and clarity allow for use in outdoor environments, even in direct sunlight! The viewfinder also has a wide viewing angle that offers crystal clear footage even when panned or tilted. Full HD resolution means that users will always have a clear understanding of the details in the images. Beyond the 10-inch viewfinder, the Blackmagic URSA camera has two extra 5-inch touch screens for full control on both sides of the camera. The interface is user-intuitive and offers easy access to functions and parameters. Standard connections eliminate the need for custom cables. 12G-SDI output can be down converted to HD or it can remain at Ultra HD quality. A single 12G-SDI input can display return video on the viewfinder in live application settings, or when working with an external video source. A separate SDI output allows connection to external eye pieces and viewfinders. Two professional XLR audio connections have 48V phantom power for use with microphones.


If you'd like a low priced quote on either of these camera models, get in touch with us at! You can also fill out a contact form in the sidebar.

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