Midas M32R

Midas M32R Digital Mixing Console Rackmount Rackmountable Rack mount Rack mountable

            The brand-new Midas M32R is available at Muzeek World! This is a rack mount digital mixer from the same family as the Midas M32 digital mixing console. It’s fully compatible with the Midas DL16 Stagebox. The M32R features 16 award-winning microphone preamplifiers. It also has 40 simultaneous input channels and 25 time-aligned, phase-coherent mix buses. AES50 networking allows even more inputs and outputs (96 x 96 to be exact). This digital rack mixer has an open architecture design and will allow 96kHz operation in the future. Efficient ADC and DAC converters come standard and are able to operate at 192kHz.


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            Midas enlisted Bentley Motors Designer Rajesh Kutty to help design this new rack console. Kutty and Midas worked together to design a technologically progressive mixer that maintained straightforward layouts, usability and ergonomics of past Midas console. The result is the rackmountable M32R. Parts of its sub-frame consist of high quality aluminum, and multiple alloys were used throughout the design to offer maximum component efficiency. A sturdy exterior meets a sleek interface.


            The surface of the console is user-friendly and offers a remarkably smooth workflow. A channel strip places the most important processing parameters into a single section. This way, the controls are always the same no matter what channel is being worked on. Optimized control illumination serves up clearly indicated levels and statuses. Illuminated rotary encoders gives users control over preamp settings, frequency shelving, dual dynamics sections, multi-mode fully parametric EQ and bus sends. The 5” color thin-film transistor (TFT) display is day-viewable, making the Midas M32R the perfect rack mixer for outdoor concerts and festivals. The display is complimented by tactile encoders that offer control over a wide range of parameters.


            This Midas digital mixer has 16 award-winning microphone preamplifiers. Over 40 years of experience combine with premium-grade components to offer beautiful warmth, depth and subtle ambience. Theses microphone preamplifiers are considered to be at the heart of that famous Midas sound. The design of the preamplifiers helps eliminate typical balance issues of gain-setting stages, which improves the common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and harmonic distortion.

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