Genelec 8330 Smart Active Monitor


Genelec 8330A Smart Active Monitor

The Genelec 8330A Smart Active Monitor is compact and can be used in a number of settings. While it feels right at home being used in a music studio or a modest house of worship, it can also be used to broadcast in outdoor settings like patios and porches. This bi-amplified monitor features exclusive technology from Genelec, including MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclose), DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide) and AutoCal. AutoCal automatically aligns levels timing and equalization. 8330A monitors also have flow optimized ports and neutral frequency response.


The superb 8330A monitors work with the new Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) V2.0. This impressive piece of software is user-intuitive and acts as a powerful monitor control networking system. It manages connectivity to all Genelec 8300 series monitors on one network and is able to oversee up to 25 8300 series monitors at once! The interface, which you control through your computer, is designed to make setup and calibration simple. GLM V2.0 interfaces with AutoCal to take advantage of the automated  acoustic-calibrating algorithm. You'll notice the consistent performance immediately, as well as the reduction in perceived differences between monitor positions in the sound environment. This software also gives you an unlimited number of system setup files that can be created and grouped for analog AND digital use.


GLM V2.0, combined with the 8330A Smart Active Monitors, gives you near unlimited potential on the sonic soundscape. Pick up a set of 8330As today to hear a perfectly neutral sound stage!


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