Soundcraft Vi3000

Soundcraft Vi3000

Soundcraft Vi3000 Digital Consoles


The Soundcraft Vi3000 Digital Console is a gigantic leap forward in digital mixing console design and functionality. The Vi3000 serves up 36 faders, 24 mono/stereo busses, 96 mixing channels, the internal DSP Soundcraft SpiderCore and four Vistonics IITM touchscreen interfaces. Multiple touchscreens mean multiple engineers working on the same Vi3000, one of the only digital consoles on the market to offer that level of freedom. While this digital console draws inspiration from the Vi4 and Vi6, its all-new appearance shows off an efficiently designed control surface.


"We have a totally new internal core based on the highly successful Studer Vista 1 and a completely new, more efficiently designed surface running updated operating software" said Vi Series Senior Product Manager Andy Brown. "Compared to other consoles in its price range, the Vi3000 offers more input channels, more busses, more faders and a user interface like no other. We are proud to say the Vi3000 is simply unparalled in its category."


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The Soundcraft Vi3000 has both analog and digital I/Os, in addition to providing connections for MIDI, USB, Ethernet, DVI out, Dante/MADI record feed ouputs and a power supply. There are two expansion bays that have the option to be fitted with MADI Stagebox cards to connect mulitple Soundcraft Stagebox input expander modules. The Vi3000 also accommodates the Soundcraft Realtime Rack, which was desined with Universal Audio to provide access to 74 industry-standard UAD plug-ins. This is the first Soundcraft console to incorporate Dante interface for painless digital networking with other Dante-enabled devices.

The new Soundcraft Vi3000 digital console is compatable with Soundcraft's ViSi iPad application. The app allows remote control of the console through an iPad, buit-in Lexicon reverb/delays, dbx compression, effects and more!

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