Yamaha CL5 Trade in Offer

Yamaha CL5 Trade in Offer

Get $15,000.00 credit toward a CL5 when you trade in your M7CL-48

Act fast! For a limited time, Muzeek World is offering a $15,000 credit toward the purchase of brand new CL5 Digital Mixing Console directly from Yamaha when you trade in your used M7CL-48 Digital Mixing Console! The MSRP on a CL5 is $27,499 which means the price you pay after trading in is only $12,499. If this sounds like a deal you can't pass up, read on!


Here's how it works:

- Contact us at Muzeek World, either through sales@muzeekworld.com or by filling out the contact form in the sidebar.

- From there, we'll provide you with an application. We'll also need you to take photos of your M7CL-48.

- Once the paperwork is submitted, Yamaha will contact you via the information you provide.

- Upon the review and approval of your application by Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, they'll send you a flight case to return your M7CL-48. Shipping fees will be covered for you!

- Once the M7CL-48 is in our possession, Muzeek World's maintenance team will inspect it to confirm it's in good, working condition.

- After the console has passed inspection, Yamaha Commercial Pro Audio Systems will contact you to take your CL5 order and ship your new console. Shipping fees will be covered for you!



Note: The timeframe for receiving your new CL5 will depend on the inspection of your used M7CL-48, CL5 inventory, etc. The timeframe will not exceed two weeks. a Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems representative will be able to provide you with a more accurate timeframe when you're contacted to order the CL5.



Q & A


What is considered "good, working condition" for my M7CL-48 trade-in?

Some examples of unacceptable conditions include a severely damaged chassis, missing key components, not passing audio, etc.

Which console models are eligible?

You may only trade in an M7CL-48 for a CL5. No other trade configurations will be accepted.

Do I need to include my M7CL-48 peripherals for trade in?

No, they are yours to keep.

Can I buy my CL5 Rio I/O rack units and other peripherals direct from Yamaha?

No, but you can purchase them from us here at Muzeek World

Is there a limit on the nuymber of M7CL-48 consoles I can trade in?

No, but Yamaha may have a limited CL5 supply to meet demand. Therefore, the promotion is on a first-come, first-serve basis AND only while supplies last.

For technical and availability info call (877) 477 6432 or Email us