Yamaha Full Range Ceiling Speakers

Yamaha Full Range Ceiling Speakers

Few aural systems on the market are capable of expressing the true vocals of orators and singers. Yamaha is among the few brands who can expertly give clear representation of sound to consumers. Yamaha has set the standard of full range ceiling speakers being consumers' first choice. The Yamaha VXC and VXS Series offers a range of finely made full range ceiling speaker models that meets the requirements of customers in a line of compact products. The famous VXC series offers features that make a device compatible for every commercial application and produces a high quality of sound.


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Intense Flexible Surface Mount Speakers

The Yamaha VXC Series encapsulates numerous models (including subwoofers), giving you diverse options to choose the compatible device for your commercial applications including hotels, bars, clubs and lounges, conference rooms, auditoriums, schools, universities, restaurants and churches. The Yamaha VXC6 is an affordable speaker suitable for use in the previously listed applications. You can combine your application with a subwoofer if your installation requires large power output. The low end will be improved while still maintaining the sonic purity required. The VXC6 is highly flexible and provides mulitiple options of operation at low and high impedance with a quick adjustion to the tap settings.


Affordable and Paintable Speakers

Yamaha full range ceiling speakers offer the luxury of being able to paint the speaker grills, bodies and brackets. This level of customization allows you to adjust the look of the speakers to match the interior of the venue and/or room décor. But this isn't the only benefit of choosing from the VXC series! The VXC series of speakers are available at affordable prices. While other speakers of inferior sound quality raise their prices, Yamaha maintains low pricing for this series of speakers. We here at Muzeek World advise you to browse our selection of VXC speakers and fall in love with them just as we have.

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