Allen & Heath GLD-112 Digital Mixer

Allen & Heath GLD-112 Digital Mixer

Introducing the latest model from the award-winning Allen & Heath: the GLD-112 Digital Mixer. It's a larger version of the popular GLD-80 digital mixer with plenty more to offer! This piece of hardware comes with 28 large faders, making it easy to have control over your mix. There are four brand new effects engines (eight FX engines total) that feature vocal shift, dual channel vocal DS and even a rotary speaker emulator for all you keyboardists out there! The awesome system offers a small shelf that's perfect for propping up your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Adding one of those touch devices to your setup gives you the freedom to control the GLD-112 through the handy GLD Remote iPad application. The app itself gives you total wireless control over the digital mixer, meaning you're free to wander the room, stage or venue and still craft your mix. The GLD-112 and the GLD Remote app can be used at the same time, meaning a pair of engineers can work on different sound elements in a production at the same time!


But what if you're content with using the GLD-112 as is? That's great! This digital mixer comes complete with an 8.4 inch touch screen build right into the chassis! The layout is fully customizable and boasts a drag and drop layout for light speed assignment of inputs and mixes to the faders.


This newest GLD-112 digital mixer, available now by the way, has the capacity of a large DSB with 48 inputs and 24 outputs that can be connected directly through Cat5. There's a card slot on the back of the mixer that allows you to outfit any unique Allen & Heath network format cards, including Dante, EtherSound and Waves. The GLD-112 can also be easily integrated into anything equipped with Madi, ACE or MMO Card (Aviom interface). It also has USB memory stick functionality, offering you the ability to record and playback a stereo signal on your flash drive.


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- Compact digital mixer with scalable, remote I/O

- Systems from four to 44 mics

- Analogue style interface that's quick and easy to use

- dSNAKE Cat5 digital snake - up to 120m cable length

- 8.4 inch colour touchscreen for graphical view and setup

- 28 faders, 4 layers, 112 channel strips in a customizable layout

- 48 input channels into 30 assignable busses (Aux, Group, Matrix, Main, FX Send) into 20 mix outputs

- 8 stereo RackFX engines with dedicated 'short' returns with 4-band PEQ

- Full processing on all inputs

- Full processing on all outputs

- 16 DCAs / mute groups

- Built-in Talkback, RTA and Signal Generator

- I/O module options for FOH/Monitor split, multitrack, recording, link to iLive and more

- MIDI In/Out and Ethernet Network port

- AviomTM Pro16 compatible Monitor port on main AudioRack

- High end 1dB step recallable mic/line preamps

- User definable channel names and colours

- Engineers mono Wedge and stereo IEM strips

- Input, output and insert soft patchbays

- Quick copy, paste and reset of mixes and parameters

- Libraries, Scenes and Show memories with USB transfer

- Get started quickly with Template Shows

- 14 assignable SoftKeys for scene recall, DCA mutes and more

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