Martin Audio DD6

Martin Audio DD6

The Martin Audio DD6 is a compact speaker with a BIG impact! These 14-inch x 7.5 inch speakers blew us away when we heard them, so much so that we all wanted to take a pair home.  The Martin DD6 ultra compact two way speakers are suited to work as monitors, front fills, under balcony fills and even as mains for certain situations. They peak at an incredible 600 watts, so make sure if you want to get them to work you have a hefty amp to power them.  You can purchase a Yoke mount with them for mounting options. The powerful Martin DD6 has a rotatable horn that can go from a 120 degrees at bottom to 90 degrees. There's basically nothing this speaker can't do! Well, it can't walk...but it can definitely talk. The 60-degree angle in the back of the speaker makes for ideal use as small yet powerful floor monitors. These are like the EAW JF80's on jet fuel.


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  • Ultra-compact, ultra-versatile, passive 2-way system
  • Differential Dispersion™, rotatable horn, configurable without tools
  • Portrait or landscape surface mount or stage monitor use
  • High-linearity 6.5" (165mm) bass / mid driver
  • 0.5" (12.5mm) exit HF driver
  • Magnetically retained, quick-release perforated steel grille
  • Comprehensive mounting and flying options



  • Theatre & live sound reinforcement
  • Corporate audio-visual events
  • Houses of worship
  • Front fill and under-balcony

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