Yamaha MTX Processors

Yamaha MTX Processors

Yamaha has released the powerful MTX Series Matrix Processors. These processors are commercial Matrix Processors that are flexible in terms of their functions. They are responsible for the main processing functions at the center of the design of your system. The MTX processors give you the ability to manage your entire sound system with the user-friendly interface of the included MTX Editor software. Although you can use the fully capable MTX Processors by themselves, they are best used with Yamaha's new superb VMX Series of Commercial Amplifiers. MTX Processors are fully programmable, configurable and have the ablility and range to work in places as small as hole in the wall restaurants to places as large as stadiums and auditoriums.


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There are two MTX models:

MTX3:  Which is a 26x8 Matrix Mixer, 8 Channels mic/line ins and 8 channels of mic/line outs. It also has a SD slot for playback

MTX5:  Which is a 34x16 Matrix Mixer, 8 Channels mic/line ins, 8 Channels of mic/line outs, 16 ch YDIF Digital I/O, 16 ch Dante Digital I/O

You can utilize the MTX5 to live in the same circle as the Yamaha CL Series digital mixer within the Dante Network.  If have a church and you wanted sound in the lobby or offices, just connect the MTX5 into the Dante Chain and connect the appropriate VMX amplifiers and Speakers. Then you're all set! You can visually see everything in the chain. The MTX Editor is a software application that lets you to design your system and adjust parameter settings via an user-friendly interface that follows a workflow based on the system's configuration. The editor also features optimized parameter presets for specific models of Yamaha speakers to maximize their performance.


  • Versatile Input/Output configuration and SD Memory Card Slot for playback
  • On-board Dante network port and MY card slot offer expandability for larger installations (MTX5-D only)
  • Flexible external control
  • Two digital effect processors
  • Easy setup and parameter control with MTX Editor
  • Digital Control Panel - DCP Series

The powerful MTX Series can control the volume and presets of multiple zones from remote locations with the wonderful DCP Series wall mount digital controllers. Up to eight DCP controllers can be linked together for a maximum of 200m length (the power is also fed through the cable), lending considerable flexibility to the installation process. The MTX Series is also equipped with a Network port that will offer compatibility with touch panel controllers such as AMX/Crestron with the release of version 1.1, as well as GPI ports for general controllers. iPhone or iPod touch users can download the newly developed Wireless DCP app for remote control over your sound solution using the simple, intuitive operation of your Apple device.

* Wireless DCP can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store at no charge.(Apple, iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc).

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