AKG DMS70 Digital System

AKG DMS70 Digital System

Are yooking for a great low cost digital wireless system? The amazing AKG DMS70 Pro Wireless HandHeld System is what you've been waiting for! It works on the 2.4Ghz range so it's license free and has a superior flat response, giving you studio quality sonic purity anywhere you take it! The system's digital technology gives you bidirectional communication between the transmitters and the receiver. This means using this system is easy as pie!



The system comes with a two channel reciever, which will give you two simultaneous channels, so if you needed a second channel in the future all you would have to do is purchase a DHT70 Hand Held transmitter . 


This is truly a great system if your looking for an expandable system unit for $300.00. We offer FREE shipping as well as other Special Church Discounts that you can take advantage of!


If you'd like to get the lowest priced quote on this item, send us an email at sales@muzeekworld.com! You can also fill out the contact form located in the sidebar.


AKG DMS70 D Vocal Set Features

  • Professional digital 2.4Ghz wireless system for worldwide license-free operation
  • 24 bit 48 kHz transmission for high-quality audio
  • Standard AES 128-bit encryption prevents tapping of the audio signal
  • The dynamic frequency selection (DFS) provides "intelligent" operation in the crowded 2.4 GHz band and automatically selects the best frequency band
  • Digital diversity from receiver and transmitter side
  • Perception Live cardioid pattern dynamic capsule
  • 2-channel digital receiver with 2 audio outputs
  • The bi-directional communication offers a number of unique features, including power off from receiver side for all connected transmitters, battery status monitoring and out of range warning
  • True uncompressed audio transmission and flat frequency response

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