Aviom A360 Personal Mixer

Aviom A360 Personal Mixer

Aviom's new A360 Personal Mixer delivers an entire new level of control, performance and fidelity to personal mixing on stage and in the studio. The A360 will help you hear better than ever before with more mix channels and awesome, innovative features with the streamlined UI that Aviom Personal Mixers are known for!

The A360 is powered by an advanced 36-channel mix engine that gives you more channels to work with. The mix engine supports 16 standard stereo or mono mix channels, the stereo or mono Dual Profile Channel and stereo or mono ambience. All channels can be individually selected for each personal A360 from up to 64 channels in the system.


Stereo Fidelity in Every Channel

Every individual mix channel on the A360 can be either stereo or mono—which means you don't have to give up the great fidelity of your stereo keyboards, trippy guitar effects or submixes in order to save channels on the Personal Mixer. Every audio source can be heard in full stereo fidelity without taking up additional space on the personal mixer. This both ensures that every channel sounds its best, improving the fidelity of the overall mix as well, and frees up space for more mix content without adding more complexity.


Enhanced Stereo Placement

The powerful A360 gives you more control over the stereo image of the entire mix with the new Stereo Placement controls. With high-resolution panning for mono channels and the innovative Pan-Spread control for stereo channels, every channel can be positioned precisely in the stereo field of the mix, without losing any fidelity of individual channels.


Per-Channel Volume, Reverb, and Tone

In addition to stereo placement, the A360 gives you control over each channel's volume, as well as tone and reverb. More control over each channel lets you get a better sounding mix fast!


Dual Profile Channel

The innovative and enticing Dual Profile Channel may be used as a 17th stereo or mono mix channel or as a mirror of one of the 16 standard mix channels.The Dual Profile Channel stores two sets of channel settings for the assigned channel, which allows you to quickly change the volume, stereo placement, reverb and tone of a selected channel without affecting the rest of the mix.


One-Touch Ambience

The powerful A360 allows you to bring beautiful ambience in when you want it and get rid of it when you don't. Because the A360 has a dedicated section for ambience audio in the 36-channel mix engine, you can add ambience to the mix—using either the onboard ambience mic or setting up room mics and sending the channels over the Cat-5 cable without sacrificing other channels.


Customizable Channel Selection & Layout

Each A360 in a system can draw its channels from all the channels in the system—up to 64 total available. It's never been easier to give the drummer plenty of drum channels and the all the singers their vocal micrs!


 Instant Mix Recalls

The A360 Personal Mixer gives you 16 standard presets, plus four Instant Mix Recalls™.  This gives each musician plenty of space and easy access to their mixes.


Master Bass, Treble and Enhance

User friendly three-band master tone controls allow you to tune the output of the A360 Personal Mixer to your exact preferences with no hassle. The Enhance was specially designed to help musicians get the most out of their in-ear monitors and headphones, delivering more punch in the bass and more sizzle to the highs.


Mono Mix Out

In addition to 1/4" and 1/8" stereo output for headphones and in-ears, the A360 adds an XLR Mono Mix Out with dedicated volume control. This added connector streamlines connections to a powered wedge or subwoofer, including Bass Shakers and Buttkickers.


USB Profile Transfer

A rear-panel USB jack allows you to take all of your mixer settings with you, for safekeeping or for loading onto a different mixer.

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