Allen & Heath GLD80 Firmware

Allen & Heath GLD80 Firmware

Allen & Heath has updated its amazing GLD digital mixing system firmware to V1.1. This new update adds a plethora of enhancements, including support for the forthcoming digital GLD iPad app and ME personal mixing system, new sleek Graphic EQ emulations and extraordinary customer requested additions to Scene management functionality.

​V1.1 supports full integration with Allen & Heath’s newly-launched ME personal mixing system.This allows for the connection of the ME-1 personal mixer or ME-U connection hub to GLD’s AR2412 monitor port, which enables the smooth, automatic transfer of channel naming information from GLD to the ME system for a quick and easy system setup. The firmware update also supports the new GLD Remote iPad app, which allows wireless remote control of all mixes in GLD.


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All GLD mix outputs now benefit from a choice of four Graphic EQ emulations with accurate modelling algorithms: classic 1/3rd octave Constant-Q, industry standard Proportional-Q, Digi-Q for minimal band interaction and a new asymmetric Hybrid - plus display of the resulting frequency response and a superimposed RTA view. This is a first in live audio as the four models are available at a touch of a button and can be audibly and visually auditioned in real time with no patching or recall needed whatsoever!
V1.1 responds to customer feedback by adding more versatile Scene navigation and features. This includes improvements to Scene recall filter and safes, as well as scene control with auto increment from soft keys, which is useful for applications such like musical theatre or church production. Other key feature requests now included in V1.1 are the addition of user permission Scene access, MIDI control of Aux and FX send level, and full control of I/O Port option settings.
GLD 80 v1.1 firmware can be download from here 

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