Roland V-4EX 4 Channel Video Mixer

Roland V-4EX 4 Channel Video Mixer

The Roland V-4EX is an amazing all in one video mixer. It includes HDMI in/out and USB Streaming. This portable piece of hardware comes with a built in multiviewer and responsive touch control. This small, compact unit is a welcome addition to any church or live sound production. Other competitor's units are four times the cost of the V-4EX, making this deal a steal!


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- 3 Input (HDMI/Composite) + 1 Input (Up to 1080p HDMI* /RGB/Component/Composite) *downscaled to 480p/576p
- PGM Output (Up to 1080p HDMI* + RGB/Component + Composite) + PVW Output (PVW/Multiviewer) *upscaled from 480p/576p
- 480p/576p Progressive internal processing
- Built-in multiviewer with touch control
- Built-in frame synchronizers on all inputs
- Scalers on CH 4 and Output
- 259 Transitions 148 Effects
- HDCP compliant
- Audio Embedding
- Audio Mixer & Delay -up to 4 frames
- USB Streaming Out for webstreaming

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