Digico SD9 Digital Mixing Console

Digico SD9 Digital Mixing Console

The Digico SD9 Digital Mixing Console Install Package  and Tour Package is an all inclusive, integrated system powered by Stealth Digital Processing™. What does it include? It includes the mixing surface, a D-Rack digital stage interface and CAT5E digital multicore, with the additional ability to simultaneously record 56 channels direct to your favourite multitrack software or DAW.

But that's not all! Not only is the SD9 a compact mixer with expansive technical capabilities, it's affordable too!

The SD9 all comes at a price perfect for touring bands, schools, conference centres, smaller theatres, houses of worship and a host of other applications where exceptional performance and flexibility need to be realized on a tight budget.


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Worksurface of the SD9

The same attention to detail and ease of use has been applied to the SD9 like every other amazing console in DiGiCo’s portfolio. The SD9’s control surface has 24 motorized faders, dedicated and multi-function control knobs and electronic labeling. New quick access function buttons allow for even faster response times, making high latency a thing of the past!  It has a 15” super high resolution, touch sensitive TFT LCD backlit display.


If you're looking for a piece of hardware with plenty of customization, look no further! Each bank of 12 faders can be instantly assigned as channels or masters, allowing all 24 faders to control inputs if desired. Additionaly, any bank of 12 can be assigned to the touch screen for fine-tuning.


The SD9 provides a 12 x 8 output matrix as a standard, its eight busses being additional to the console’s 16 stereo, solo and master busses. Forty-eight Flexi channels (mono or stereo) – the equivalent of 96 channels of full DSP processing - and the combined power of the SD9’s technologies mean that the number and quality of effects, dynamics and other functions is available to all channels simultaneously. Feel the power!

The SD9 supplies engineers with a wealth of features, such as snapshots and the ability to record directly from the remote mic preamps. The extensive security facilities are a new feature.

The only feature the SD9 Digital Mixing Console lacks is a big price tag! It comes in at a considerably lower cost than anything else in the DiGiCo range - or any comparative console for that matter - and provides much more than its nearest rival.

SoundGrid Ready

With the new DiGiCo SoundGrid module added to your SD9 console and linked to an external PC server, you have instant access to up to 16 fully integrated low latency stereo processor racks, perfect for either front-of-house or monitors. You can use your TDM plugins collections too once registered!

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