Midas PRO1 Digital Mixer

Midas PRO1 Digital Mixer

In addition to the PRO1’s great 40 primary input channels, Midas PRO1 Digital Mixers such as Midas Pro1 Tour Pack and Midas Pro1 Install Pack feature eight solid aux returns, all of which feature 4-band MIDAS parametric EQ and insert points. And that's not all! These eight aux returns can be used as returns for the PRO1’s sweet internal FX processors, or as additional mic channels if enough mic inputs are available on the network I/O hardware.
A total of 48 input channels have routing to 27 mix busses. These busses comprise 16 user-configurable aux busses, which can be mixes, subgroups or mix minus groups and eight matrix busses. The Matrix busses source from inputs, as well as groups, and can be used as eight additional auxes (monitor mix and FX sends) which provides a total of 24 mixes (plus L, R & Mono) for monitor mixing duties. All busses can be linked as stereo pairs (except the MONO buss).
The audio paths can be routed to multiple destinations and the console format can be reconfigured live on a scene-by-scene basis, like all the amazing Midas digital consoles.


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Midas PRO1 Features

The PRO1 is Midas’ first stand-alone digital console with 24 inputs located on the rear panel. There are a number of optional MIDAS digital I/O units – either with fixed or modular configurations - which can be connected by inexpensive Cat5-e cable that will expand the input count to 48. A number of I/O boxes can be connected to the PRO1, up to 100m (300ft) cable distance from the console, allowing audio point-to-point routing of up to 100 inputs x 102 outputs from anywhere within the network.


Midas PRO1 Audio Quality

The Midas reputation for fantastic audio quality has evolved over 40 years through extensive development and research. Midas has carried its tradition into the digital realm by designing the best mic preamps, equalization and using the superior components. Adding the best converters and custom processing algorithm to the mix takes audio quality to another level. Midas digital systems are the only live sound systems in the world that have a comprehensive and automatic latency management system. This includes compensation for external analogue inserts, in addition to managing all internal routing and processing latency. This means that all audio samples are synchronised before summing, resulting in absolute phase coherency at all outputs.
Midas digital feels and sounds superb. All the variable controls on the console are genuine analogue high precision potentiometers. These access the FPGA-DSP engine through precision instrumentation A-D converters and Midas’ custom interpolation algorithms. All operator input is fully interpolated to ensure a linear, analogue-style, silky smooth “feel” to your mix.


Midas Analogue Consoles

The current expressions in the XL8 range and PRO Series sound better than ever because they're built from discrete components and based on designs which were successful in the legendary Midas analogue consoles like the XL3, XL4 and Heritage. Whether you want pristine, transparent reproduction or that renowned Midas warmth and colouration, Midas’ dual (analogue and digital) gain stages enable you to shape the mic amps according to your own preference.

A major problem affecting many digital consoles is a lack of attention to delay management. All digital processing takes time to run – typically just a few samples, but never zero. ADCs and DACs have bigger delays (typically a few milliseconds), so if analogue insert points are used the channel in question will be delayed significantly relative to the others.

Engineers working on analogue consoles routinely combine signals with different signal paths and processing and then expect to do the same with digital. Combining signals in this way leads to the summing of signals that are in effect partly out of phase on many of the current digital mixing consoles on the market. This causes undesirable “comb filtering” effects, where specific frequencies are cancelled out completely. All Midas digital consoles have comprehensive automatic time alignment to correct path related delays. The additional latency introduced by the A to D conversion on the analogue inserts is automatically compensated.
The I/O and DSP units can be freely distributed into multiple locations and are unique to Midas digital consoles. I/O units can be placed exactly where they are needed – on the stage, around the auditorium, at FOH or remotely in a broadcast truck. Midas’ digital audio network is easily configurable to route signals from where and by when they are needed since the patching is done on a scene-by-scene basis.
Every transition of a network adds delay. Midas networks have only 70 microseconds of latency per hop, so even a multi-hop routing has negligible aggregate delay (latency), making it perfect for in-ear monitoring. All inputs and outputs are time-aligned to sample accuracy, no matter where they are in the network or how they are routed. This is another major contributor to the performance of a Midas digital console and that magical Midas sound.


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