Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixing Console

A truly useful mixing console is one that can keep up with the ever evolving elements of live sound applications. Efficient and intuitive operation is always essential. The Yamaha CL5 Mixing Console paves the way for the professional audio industry standards. Yamaha's acclaimed Centraloc concept is the core of a beautifully refined UI that offers an unprecedented level of efficiency in the CL series, ranging from visual feedback to the shape and feel of the physical controls. Control is both familiar and intuitive, while at the same time offering extensive, expressive freedom. The CL consoles are made to seamlessly integrate remote control and offline editing via an Apple iPad® or a personal computer.

Network capabilities have become fundamental and indespensable in today's world of digital live sound. The CL series feature separate console and I/O rack components that communicate via the Dante™ network audio protocol, which allows for fast, efficient design and deployment. The abilitity to add Lake Processing via expansion slots adds to the system's sleek versatility and adaptability.


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Creating the Ideal Natural Sound Platform

The CL series digital mixing consoles are proof that the time and effort involved have been well spent. The most advanced digital audio technology available is seen in the CL series through the delivery of crisp, natural sounds. It provides a foundation for the imagination of artists and engineers, with a level of sonic quality that can't be realized through specifications alone. Evaluations and refinements made by reliable ears and respected minds in the industry are an indispensable part of the process.


The Sound Is In the Details

Individual components, power supply, grounding, circuit layout, mechanical construction and other details of initial input stages are selected and designed with care in order to achieve the respected level of sound quality Yamaha is known for. Evaluation is an important part of the development process. Even tiny variations must be noted as development continues, because a single change in the electronic components can alter the sound in shockingly unexpected ways. Extreme measures are taken to maximize AD and DA conversion performance, right down to making detailed spectral analyses of the AD/DA master clock. Not to mention adjustments to the FPGA clock signal routing, which allows for the most natural, musical sound to be achieved.

A critical part of any audio system is its power supply. The capacity of the supply is important, but so are the types of capacitors used. The grounding is engineered to ensure the lowest possible impedance. The resulting sound is a natural representation of the input signal, which provides a foundation for processing and effects that leads to the final, polished sound.



Full Integration of FOH and Monitor Control

The CL series mixing consoles can share control of the same I/O rack unit,, which allows unprecedented system flexibility and an efficient use of system resources. A new Gain Compensation function adds the ability to combine FOH and monitor control via a single network for comprehensive digital live sound integration.


I/O Rack Unit Sharing with Gain Compensation

One obvious drawback of connecting multiple consoles to a single I/O rack unit is that gain adjustments made from one console can cause unexpected gain changes to another. The Gain Compensation function implemented in the CL consoles ensures that when the analog gain stage is adjusted from one of the consoles, corresponding compensation is automatically applied at the digital stage so that the level sent from the I/O rack unit to the connected CL consoles remains constant.


Digital Gain Control

Gain Compensation applied after any initial analog gain levels are set is carried out entirely in the digital domain. Digital gain control is another original CL series feature that contributes to extraordinarily smooth, efficient operation and integration of the entire system.


Premium Rack Brings Studio Standards to the Live Stage

“Virtual racks” provided in the CL series consoles let you combine signal processors you need for your application in one easily accessible location, similar to traditional analog outboard racks. The new CL series Premium Rack can accommodate up to eight instances of the six expressive EQ and dynamics effects provided. This includes the Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5033 equalizer and the Portico 5043 compressor/limiter. The ability to use the most highly regarded studio effects in live mixes can help you deliver unprecedented sonic quality in any venue.


Effect Rack With More Than 50 Effects

The CL series mixing consoles feature an Effect Rack that allows simultaneous use of up to eight effects from a selection of 46 ambience effects and 8 insertion effects in addition to the Premium Rack described above. Although a separate EQ rack is provided for the output buses, any of the eight effects in the Effect Rack can be replaced by graphic EQ units as needed.


32-channel Graphic Equalizer Rack

The CL consoles also feature a GEQ rack that allows graphic EQ to be inserted into the output buses for room equalization and other functions. Up to 16 31-band GEQ units can be mounted in the rack for simultaneous use. Those GEQ units can be individually switched to Flex15GEQ mode, effectively providing two EQ channels that allow up to 15 bands to be used at a time. With a full rack of GEQ units all functioning in Flex15GEQ mode, you have a total of 32 GEQ channels for extensive equalization capacity.


A Comprehensive Range of Valued Devices

VCM technology delivers refined, musical tonality in the outstanding lineup of devices provided in the CL series Premium Rack and Effect Rack.



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