Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixing Console

The CL series digital mixing consoles are proof that the time and effort involved in crafting reliable hardware have been well spent. The Yamaha CL3 delivers natural sound that provides a foundation for the imaginations of artists and engineers. The sonic quality it offers can't be realized through specifications alone. Repeated evaluations and refinements made by the reliable ears and respected minds in the industry are an indispensable part of the process.

A truly useful mixing console is one that can keep up with the ever evolving elements of live sound applications. Efficient and intuitive operation is essential. Yamaha's acclaimed Centraloc concept is the core of a beautifully refined UI that offers an unprecedented level of efficiency in the CL series, ranging from visual feedback to the shape and feel of the physical controls. Control is both familiar and intuitive, while at the same time offering extensive, expressive freedom. The CL consoles are made to seamlessly integrate remote control and offline editing via an Apple iPad® or a personal computer.


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Two Ways to Record Live with Yamaha CL3

The CL series offers two different live recording solutions: 1) convenient 2-track recording direct to USB memory and 2) high-performance multitrack recording to a digital audio workstation(DAW) via Dante. You have all of the recording capability you need, whether you need to do a simple web upload, commercial release or material to use for a virtual sound check.


Seamless Integration with Nuendo Live for Serious Multitrack Recording

The sleek Nuendo Live DAW application has been designed specifically for live multitrack recording, providing comprehensive control and overview for smooth operation under even the most demanding live situations. An extension plug-in provides seamless integration with CL console features like as channel names, markers, transport control and more.


- Dante Virtual Soundcard

The Dante Virtual Soundcard driver software enables direct multitrack recording to a Windows or Mac based DAW without the need for an audio interface between the console and computer. A high-performance DAW application such as Steinberg Nuendo Live can be used to record up to 64 tracks.


- Virtual Sound Check

DAW playback can be instantly patched to the CL console’s input channels, meaning that multitrack recordings can be used for “virtual” sound checks when the live performers aren’t available. Recordings of previous performances can be used for the sound check!


Convenient 2-track Recording to USB Memory

2-track recording in mp3 format couldn’t be easier. Simply plug a USB stick into the USB connector on the front panel of the console and start recording. No other equipment is required. Playback from a USB stick is possible as well in MP3, AAC and WMA formats. This makes the CL3 a convenient source for BGM or sound effects.


Expandable and Adaptable

Three Mini-YGDAI card slots on the CL series consoles provide easy I/O expansion and extra processing capabilities. New additions to the expansion card lineup include an MY8-LAKE card that integrates Lake Processing (a staple in today’s live sound field) into the console and a Dugan-MY16 card that adds the most advanced automated microphone cueing and gain control available.


New Remote Control Freedom

An iPad becomes a wireless remote controller that can be used to set up and operate CL consoles from anywhere on stage or in the audience seating area with the CL StageMix application. There’s a built-in iPad stay on the CL5 and CL3 panels, which provides  a convenient mount for an iPad to be used for additional control functionality. There’s also the CL Editor application for both extended online operation and offline setup and editing. In addition to full Selected Channel and Overview display operation, the CL Editor facilitates scene data management, patch list editing, channel name editing and much more. It’s even possible to use the CL StageMix and CL Editor applications at the same time.


Increased Power with Lake Speaker Processing Power

Lake Processing is a standard for loudspeaker processing in live sound applications. An alliance between Yamaha and Lab.gruppen brings Lake Processing right into the CL series mixing consoles via the MY8-LAKE expansion card. The MY8-LAKE card provides 8-in/8-out in Mesa (system EQ), 4-in/12-out Contour (crossover) and 4-in/4-out and 2-in/6-out Mesa & Contour (combination) modes. The asymmetrical Mesa EQ can also be very useful on input sources, although it's primarily intended for speaker processing. The Lake Controller application running on a compatible computer allows management of multiple Lake devices in the system, while close compatibility with Smaart® Live contributes to smooth, efficient speaker system tuning.


Automatic Gain Control for Up To 16 Microphone Inputs

The Dugan-MY16 automatic mixer card, developed in cooperation with Dan Dugan Sound Design, provides smoothly automated microphone cueing and gain control for up to 16 input channels. The Dugan system uses gain sharing and fades for smooth, natural level changes instead of using gates to open and close channels.


Cascade Link

For applications that require a large number of input channels, CL consoles can be cascade-connected via I/O cards such as the MY16-AE installed in their Mini-YGDAI expansion card slots.



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