Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixing Console

The Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixing Console is an amazing example of the pursuit of perfection, meaning that successful product development is always an ongoing process and will likely never end. Yamaha has continued to pursue the ever elusive perfection and has introduced multiple innovations that have become industry standards that offer performance and familiarity to enthusiasts who continue to crave more.

The Yamaha CL series represents a brand new level of refinement. The series offers an evolved experience in accessible mixing, along with sound shaping capabilities that will give the most imaginative engineer an unprecedented level of both sonic purity and creative freedom. The CL series embodies the leading live sound standards in the most advanced, expressive form.


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Features Optimized in CL1 for Live Sound

There are as many ways to use mixing consoles as there are people who work with them. That's why extensive feedback from professionals in every corner of the industry has made it possible to provide a feature set that is best suited to the needs of live sound applications.


300 Scene Memories

Up to 300 complete console setups can be stored as “scenes” and can be recalled whenever needed. Recall Safe, Focus and Preview* functions are also provided.


* Preview to be supported in an upcoming firmware update.


Versatile Input and Output Delays

Up to 1000 ms delay on input channels facilitates precise microphone phase compensation AND up to 1000 ms delay on the output ports. Useful for speaker distance compensation and for room tuning.


Ample EQ and Dynamics Processing

All channels feature 4-band parametric EQ and two dynamics processors (one dynamic processor on outputs). The processors include an HPF for every input. One processor offers a bandpass mode and  also functions as a highly effective de-esser with advanced algorithms.


16 DCA Groups

Sixteen DCA groups allow for flexible grouping of multiple input channels for awesome simultaneous control.


8 Mute Groups

Multiple channels can be assigned to any of eight mute groups for instant muting or un-muting with the new and useful Dimmer Level function.


16 User Defined Keys

Console functions such as Sends on Fader, Tap Tempo and Set by Sel can be assigned to 16 User Defined Keys for instant hands-on access.


Multiple User Key Sets

Limited access to CL console functions can be provided for less experienced operators and accident prevention via multiple User Key sets that can be stored in the console itself* in addition to storage on USB memory.


* To be supported in an upcoming firmware update. .


5-in/5-out GPI Interface

A 5-input/5-output GPI interface allows the CL consoles to respond to input from external switches and transmit on/off status to external devices.


* GPI functionality to be supported in an upcoming firmware update.

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