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Digital Mixer have begun thier foot print
The analog word is coming to it's end. The digital war has already begun, and now that about 95% of all mixer manufactures have a great line up of digital mixers, they are starting a serious price war. There goal is to make it as cheap as possible, yet keep the quality up to par. As we all know in the elctronics world, you really get what you pay for 99% of the time.  There are some manufactures where making the cheapest console is not their goal, they concentrate on the functionality and user friendliness as there main focus and one of the manufactures that come to mind would be Yamaha.  For example, they just released the new QL series mixers and they still to date have not lowered thier older LS9 series mixer pricing.  The reason being, is that they know even the older LS9 mixers are a forever working machine. I'm sure there prices will go down or they might even close the doors on the LS9 mixers at a later time, but for now they are still selling. In my book, if you want to spend anything under $5K  ..especially for a 32 channel fully automated console, then you are taking a slight chance.  
Now the question is, what's more important for your church on a Digital Mixer purchase? Is it cost, quality/build, functionality, user-friendliness….or all of the above?  If you are looking for a 16 channel digital mixer for the quality, build , functionality and user friendliness, for those of you not on a tight budget, then the best decision would be the Yamaha QL1, Yamaha LS9-16, Yamaha 01V96i and the Si Performer 1. If cost is an issue but you would like to have a nice decent mixer, then the choices would reside in the Soundcraft Si expression1 and the Allen Heath QU-16, which go for under $2000.00
If your looking for a 32 channel digital mixer, look no further then the Yamaha QL5 as this mixer will give you the world, but you would be paying for it as well. That being said it is definitely worth the money! I would also look at the Midas M32 which is supposed to be a work horse and last but not least the X32 which is a big hit for churches looking to spend around $90.00 a channel.
Anything larger than the 32 channel nowadays would be in the category of Digital Snake Mixers. These mixers usually have on board 8 ins and outs, where you would need to purchase digital snake boxes to add more ins and outs.  These mixers are becoming very popular not only with production companies but churches all over the nation.  Yamaha CL5, CL3, Cl1, Roland M200i, Roland M400, M300, Avid Sc48 Remote, Allen Heath GLD80, GLD112 and the Soundcraft Vi3000 would be some great systems to look at.  They all work pretty much in the same manner with different bells and whistles.  If you are in the market for a digital snake console call us and we will go over each and every one to see which one would best fit your needs and it just might happen that you would get some crazy low prices from us as well. 
If you are looking for a real small footprint mixer that is iPad friendly, then the Roland M200i and the QSC Touch mix16 are some good units to consider.
The Mixers we carry are: All in RED are our favorites
Yamaha CL5
Yamaha CL3
Yamaha CL1
Yamaha QL5
Yamaha QL1
Yamaha 01V96i
Allen Heath GLD80
Allen Heath GLD112
Allen Heath QU-24
Allen Heath QU-16
Soundcraft Vi3000
Sound Crafy Expression  Mixers
Soundcraft Performer Mixers
Soundcraft Vi 1
Soundcraft Vi6
Midas Pro1
Midas Pro2
Midas Pro3
Midas M32
Avid SC48
Avid SC48 Remote
Avid Profile
Avid D-Show
and All Digico Mixers
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