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Nugen Audio Stereopack

Stereoizer, Stereoplacer + Monofilter

Stereopack # Nugen Audio Stereopack

  • Natural Expansion
  • Sharper Low End
  • Positional Capture

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Nugen Audio Mix Pack

ISL + Stereoizer + Stereoplaxer + Monofilter + Visualizer + SEQ-S

Mix Pack # Nugen Audio Mix Pack

  • Complete Stereo Control
  • Mastered for iTunes' Limiting
  • Bass Management

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Nugen Audio Post Pack

VisLM-H +LM-Correct + ISL + Stereoizer + Stereoplacer + Monofilter + Visualizer + SEQ-S

Post Pack # Nugen Audio Post Pack

  • Mono, 5.1 and 7.1 Tools
  • Instant Loudness Compliance
  • Spatial Enhancement

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Nugen Audio Loudness Toolkit

VisLM-H, LM-Correct + ISL

Loudness Toolkit # Nugen Audio Loudness Toolkit

  • Leading NLE/DAW Solution
  • Real-time Metering
  • Measurement & Correction

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Nugen Audio Visualizer

Audio Metering Suite

Visualizer # Nugen Audio Visualizer

  • Work more rapidly
  • Minimise mistakes
  • Repeat past success

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Nugen Audio VisLM-H

Loudness Meter with History

VisLM-H # Nugen Audio VisLM-H

  • Market leading quality
  • Fully standard compliant
  • Intuitive & detailed

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Nugen Audio Stereoplacer

Frequency Based Stereo Positioning

Stereoplacer # Nugen Audio Stereoplacer

  • Reposition complex audio
  • Fix poor recordings
  • Re-construct mono image

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Nugen Audio Stereoizer

Stereo Enhancer/Upmixer

Stereoizer # Nugen Audio Stereoizer

  • Natural panoramic extension
  • Retains original character
  • Band limited precision

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Nugen Audio SEQ-S

Linear Phase EQ with Spline Interface and Matching Function

SEQ-S # Nugen Audio SEQ-S

  • Powerful EQ Matching
  • Mono, stereo, 5.1 & 7.1
  • Psycho-acoustic banding

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Nugen Audio MultiMonitor

Multiple-stream Real-time Loudness Metering

MultiMonitor # Nugen Audio MultiMonitor

  • 16 dedicated meters
  • 96 audio channels
  • CALM & EBU compliant

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