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Rates – Our lessons are offered weekly in half hour, 45 minute, or full hour sessions. Our prices are as follows:

  • $35 – per half hour lesson / $140 for four weeks of half hour lessons
  • $45 – per 45 Minute lesson / $180 for four weeks of 45-Minute lessons
  • $55 – per hour lesson / $220 for four weeks of hour long lessons

There is a 10% discount if you pre pay-sign up for 3 months in advance
There is a 15% discount if you pre pay-sign up for 6 months in advance



Additional discounts:

Sibling discounts. The sibling will get a 10% discount on the second student only
Military discount. The student that has a military ID will get a 10% discount

Further discounts apply to households with more than one student. Please inquire through email, telephone or in person as to how these rates work. Every student has his or her own four week session. This avoids complications with months with five weeks, and allows students to start or end at any point rather than waiting for a month to begin or end.
If we offer free trial lessons to any new students, these are usually offered on Saturdays as not to interfere with our teacher’s weekly schedule. Please contact us through email or telephone to set up a trial lesson.
Prices are subject to change.





Student Responsibilities



  • Materials - Students are responsible for the purchase of their own books, instruments, and other materials needed for the lessons they are receiving. Our teachers will assist in referring our students to where they can obtain these items, however they are not responsible for providing them personally. If taking Piano lessons we provide the instruments in our lesson rooms
  • Practicing - Each teacher instructs how much practice is ideal for each student and will encourage students in their practicing. Nevertheless, once the instructor is gone it is up the student to do his or her own practicing. Progress will be made most quickly by those students who maintain the recommended practice time. Parents are also encouraged to be involved in their students practice. Taking the time to listen to your child play their weekly songs, or creating a set time for practicing in the students daily routine are good ways to become involved.
  • Attendance – Students are responsible for their time slot with Muzeek World music lessons. If a student is not available for their weekly lesson for any reason, it is not the responsibility of the teacher to make up the missed lesson, or the responsibility of Muzeek World to reimburse the student for the missed lesson. In addition to this, students are asked to contact the Muzeek World office 24 hours in advance if a student will be unavailable for their lesson. It is a courtesy to the teachers to not have to drive to a lesson that will not be taking place.
  • Student Contracts- Students or parents of students being taught by Muzeek World are to sign and hand in a student contract with their first payment of lessons. This student contract ensures that both the students and the parents understand the business arrangements of how these lessons will work. The student contract can be found on our website and can be printed out at home.


Payment will be billed once a month and will reflect the current amount due. Checks are made out to Muzeek World. We also work with Inspire School systems



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