Behringer X32 Recording

Behringer X32 for Recording

Yes, you can use the X32 for recording. East set up configurations for your control room and Recording room.  Behringer X32 provides 25 fully featured mix buses that can be configured for many different applications; Main LCR (Left, Center, Right) buses; 16 mix buses (individually configurable as pre/post EQ, pre/post Fader or Subgroup) with Inserts, 6-band parametric EQ and dynamics processing; plus six independent Matrix Mixes with Inserts, also with 6-band parametric EQ and dynamics processing. 

The X32 abounds with a total of 168 accessible sources and destinations—and managing this much I/O has never been easier! Next to all the analog ins and outs, the rear panel also sports two AES50* ports, each with KLARK TEKNIK’s rock-solid SuperMAC networking capability (addressing a total of 96 concurrent inputs and outputs) for dependable communication between the X32 and digital snakes, remote stage boxes or even other consoles. Stereo AES/EBU output, ULTRANET P16 and MIDI are also supported, plus a convenient top panel USB port is provided for recording an uncompressed two-channel “board mix” straight to any standard USB thumb drive or for playing background music. The Ethernet socket allows complete remote control via LAN or WiFi, and the expansion slot suggests there is even more to come...


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Behringer X32

Behringer X32

Behringer X32 Many features packed in an affordable box. With the Behringer X32 you can set it up to be used in a Live performance with 16 Monitor


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