Yamaha TFRACK Back side
TF Rack console
Yamaha TFRACK Front

Yamaha TF Rack

16 in and 16 out Yamaha built Rack Mixer with 32 channels of recording and playback

Product Highlights

  • 16 in and 16 out
  • 32 tracks of recording and playback
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • durable and robust
  • single knob EQ and compression

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Yamaha TF RACK A Digital Mixer to be Rack mounted with the Yamaha name!

Yamaha is known for their digital mixers as being the most durable and best sounding in the market. From the M7CL, LS9’s to the Well known Yamaha CL5 Series and the New TF series they have always made a place and mixer for your needs and budget.  Now they have release as part of the TF series the New TF Rack.  Its exactly what the name says it is .  It’s a TF mixer in a rack. It’s a very durable machine and with the D-pre microphone preamplifiers its sounds amazing as well. Its very compact with the same level of user friendliness as any of their consoles.  Its meant for the small to mid size customers such as churches, bands, corporate AV to schools and small production companies.  Its one of those things where you either have a limited budget or limited space or want a great and robust mixer.  It has 16 inputs that use the dual connector where you can either plug a XLR or ¼ inch cable into it. It has 8 XLT out puts with 8 x ¼ inch outs for a total of 16 channels going out to anything you desire. What a lot of people do is use some outs for monitors or even a In Ear monitoring system like the Aviom systems.  It also comes with USB connectivity for 32 channels or recording and playback. It has two-hundred scene memory that can be instantly recalled.  Also my favorite thing on the mixer is their single knob Compression and single knob EQ.  This makes it so easy to clean the sound and also protect your outboard gear with a single knob.  The single knob EQ has this crazy setting called the loudness mode where once you use it on a song or track it will increase the pressure of the track while keeping the integrity in tact.  The console comes shipped with 100 presets from vocal tracks to drum tracks where you can use instead of fiddling around to get that sweet sound.  These presets are set by highly acclaimed professional engineers and usually work for most occasions.


Lets talk about the TF Rack Mic Pres and effects,  As mentioned earlier they use Yamahas amazing D-PRE preamps, where not only are they one of the cleanest sounding pres on a digital mixer, but also they are recallable.  They have been redesigned for a more natural sound. The TF Rack comes with their standard Channel processors.  It also now hax eight additional effects from the Yamaha SPX line and 2 units of global EFX.


Im sure if you know Yamaha consoles you are familiar with their wireless mixing app and also their MonitorMix app where you can download it on any device and use it instantly.  On the MoinitorMix app you can connect up to TEN devices, where each musician will have control over an AUX bus that is assigned to them.  Not only that buy you can create GROUP banks for a faster and easier adjustment.   The 7 inch touch screen is really meant for your touch.  Some touch screens are not that responsive, but the TF Racks screen not only is very sensitive but also has been programmed for figure movements. The TF Rack also comes with an open slot where you can use the NY64D Dante card to connect any dante devices direct to your unit.  Most users will get a TIO1608 stage rack, where they will give access to all their ins and outs on stage, thru a single CAT5E cable.  Right now for a limited time Yamaha is giving free NY64D cards for every TF Racks purchase

Yamaha TF Rack


  • Mixing Capacity    Input Channels    40 (32 mono + 2 stereo + 2 return)
  • Aux Buses    20 (8 mono + 6 stereo)
  • Stereo Buses    1
  • Sub Buses    1
  • Input channel functions    8 DCA Groups
  • I/O    Inputs    16 mic/line (XLR/TRS combo) + 1 stereo line (RCA pin)
  • Outputs    16 (8 XLR + 8 TRS phone)
  • Expansion slots    1 (for NY64-D)
  • On-board processors    DSP    8 Effects + 10 GEQ
  • General specifications    TF-RACK
  • Sampling frequency rate    Internal    48 kHz

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