Yamaha NWS500-SM front view
Yamaha NWS500-SM top view
Yamaha NWS500-SM side view

Yamaha NWS500-SM

NUAGE Small Workspace

Product Highlights

  • Blank workspace with detachable panels
  • Use for mouse, panner, or other external controller area
  • Combine with NUAGE Master unit to form the same dimension as a NUAGE Fader unit for uniform spacing

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Yamaha NWS500-SM

Yamaha NWS500-SM NUAGE Small Workspace Overivew:

Nuage Workspace units include dimensions and designs that are a perfect fit for the Nuage Fader and Nuage Master units. They allow for a keyboard, surround panner, 19 inch rack mount devices, and other custom extras to be linked to a Nuage system whilst sustaining the overall workflow and visual continuity. Two separate Nuage Workspace units are available: a large model that is the same size as the Nuage fader unit, and a small model that can be joined to a Nuage Master unit to exactly match the width of a normal 24" monitor display. The palm rests on the Nuage Fader unit and large Nuage Workspace unit includes a compartment that can contain a computer keyboard.

The Yamaha NWS500-SM NUAGE Small Workspace is a blank workspace with detachable surface panels. Use this unit for a mouse, panner, or other external controller area. Combine this unit with the NUAGE Master unit to create the same exact dimensions as the NUAGE Fader unit for uniform spacing. Two Nuage Workspace units are available: a large model that is the same size as the Nuage fader unit, and a small model that can be added to a Nuage Master unit to match the width of a standard 24” monitor display. The NUAGE small workspace model is the perfect fit for your NUAGE master unit. Enjoy easy and convenient acess to all your software and hardware all in one place. Use the NUAGE small workspace to bring all of your working components together. Experience the benefits of seamless integration with the NUAGE small workspace model like never before. High quailty and durable workspace model is made to stand the test of time. It is a wise choice for anyone looking to purchase NUAGE hardware and is garunteed to enhnace your workflow.  Take your setup to the next level with the Yamaha Yamaha NWS500-SM small workspace today!

NUAGE: Yamaha Music and Post Production

Digital audio workstations, controllers, interfaces: performance that reinforces and keeps up with your creative workflow can only be actualized when all the pieces work together harmoniously. The Nuage Advanced Production System ties it all together in a collaborative system that raises the bar when it comes to quality and efficiency for nearly every facet of the production process. The Yamaha control and interface hardware intuitively connects with Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase DAW software in a purpose-driven system that allows for unrestricted productivity and flexibility in addition to top-quality audio. The Nuage Advanced production System is already a highly-esteemed and highly valued tool in audio post production and music production studios across the globe. It gives discerning engineers the tools they need to pump out the highest quality projects each and every day. For professional post production, music production, and recording applications, Nuage grants an unmatched marriage of industry-leading hardware and software that will allow you to fully unleash your creative power.

5 Key Nuage Values:

1) More Than the Sum of its Parts

Nuage is so much more than a DAW and controller configuration. It's an entirely integrated production system in every way. An intuitive integration of Steinberg software with Yamaha hardware allows for ground-breaking usability and editing speed. The comprehensive visual feedback and instinctive control granted by the system's Extensive Console View optimizes efficiency and productivity in a wide array of applications.

2) Mix and Match to Make It Your Own

The Nuage interface is comprised of Nuage Fader units, each with 16 fader and knob channels, and Nuage Master units that include all controls necessary for transport operation, editing, monitoring, and more. The units can be used individually or combined in systems configured to match the scale and workflow of different studios, with up to three Nuage Fader units per system. A UNIT LINK button allows units to be easily unlinked for two-man operation, and then linked again as necessary.

3) The Right Engine for Every Job

Up to three DAWS can be directly switched and controlled from a Nuage fader unit (Nuendo, Cubase, and Pro Tools, for example) so that dialog, sound effects, BGM, and other elements of a large project can be easily and efficiently brought together for final mixing. It is also possible to assign separate DAWs to mix and master recorder duty, or a variety of other configurations according to project requirements.

4) An Open-minded Host

Nuage signal processing is handled by a standard general-purpose computer. No dedicated DSP cards that limit system choices are required. The computer system can be configured to match workload requirements with maximum efficiency. This approach also allows the user to freely update the system as necessary. Stringent benchmark testing has been carried out with recommended computers to ensure stability. Close cooperation with leading manufacturers of peripheral equipment has led to outstanding performance and cost benefits in that area as well.

5) Tie It All Together

Nuage audio infrastructure is based on Dante networking, providing superior system flexibility as well as plenty of capacity for future expansion. Audio can be shared with CL series digital mixing consoles via Dante-equipped R series interface units such as the Rio3224-D and others, or the RMio64-D Dante/MADI Converter can be used to share audio with external MADI-format devices. All of this and more can be achieved in simple, streamlined systems.

Synergy That Delivers: Yamaha & Steinberg history

Yamaha has been at the forefront of the professional audio industry ever since the PM1000 audio mixer was released in 1975. Products such as the NS10-M STUDIO monitor speakers, the 02R digital mixing console, and the SPX90 effects processor found their way into leading studios around the world, eventually earning reputations that made them "classics" in the field.

DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) became established as the primary working environment for audio production from the mid 90’s through the turn of the century, and in January of 2005 Steinberg Media Technologies ("Steinberg" hereafter), a company that had contributed numerous advanced technologies and solutions to this growing field, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. This pivotal fusion led to increasingly concerted development of integrated products and systems. Steinberg was originally established in 1984, rapidly becoming a source of important audio processing standards such as ASIO (Audio Stream In and Out), VST (Virtual Studio Technology), and others. These advanced technologies were incorporated into a number of revolutionary products, including the Cubase and Nuendo DAW applications that are currently favored by more than 1.5 million users worldwide.

Joint development between Yamaha and Steinberg has resulted in a number of audio interfaces and controllers that take full advantage of the performance potential of Steinberg DAW software. That synergy between two leaders in audio technology will continue to deliver increasingly advanced solutions for a wide range of applications into the future.

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