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Yamaha LS9-32, 32 Channel Digital Live Mixer

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight and Compact for Superior Portability and Handling
  • 32 Mono Input Channels +4 Stereo Channels expandable 64
  • 16 Mix Buses, 8 Matrix Buses
  • Virtual Rack with Top-quality Effects
  • USB Memory Recorder/Player for Convenient Recording

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Yamaha LS9-32, 32 Channel Digital Live Mixer

32 Channel Digital Mixing Console. A Great Affordable Digital Mixer.

Ever since the birth of the LS9-32 thie mixer has been the top of the food chain between all 32 channel digital mixers. Partially because the name "Yamaha" is known for thier support and excellent track record on all thier products. the Yamaha Ls9-32 is robust and built like a tank. There are other mixers out there  either in the same price rage or lower, but whic will last you for the next 5-10 years? Thats easy the Ls9-32 will.  The Faders on the Ls9-32 units can be easily replaced in case they need to for less than $25.00.  The Yamaha LS9-32 is a full-digital mixer designed for installed  projects such as Churches or SR applications, it is compact but, provides functionality and a channel count comparable to larger mixers. 24-bit linear AD/DA converters are used to deliver up to 108 dB of dynamic range and amazing sound quality. The Ls9-32 is a mixer that will last you for ever and has a great resale value. We actually sell used Ls9-32 units as well as New units.

32 Channels of Digital Mixing

As input channels, it provides 32 (LS9-16 model) or 64 (LS9-32 model) monaural INPUT channels, and four stereo ST IN channels. As output channels, it provides 16 MIX channels, eight MATRIX channels, a STEREO channel, and a MONO channel. L/C/R three-channel output using the STEREO/ MONO channels is also supported.


Lightweight and Compact for Superior Portability and Handling

While maintaining the functionality, sound quality, and operability of high-end Yamaha digital mixers such as the PM1D, the LS9 series consoles are small and light enough to be easily transported and set by a single person (LS9-32 = 19.4 kg, LS9-16 = 12.0 kg). Either of these remarkably manageable consoles can deliver advanced features and performance for a wide range temporary live sound systems as well as permanent installations.

Choose the Model that Suits Your Needs

The LS9 series includes the 32-mic/line input 64-channel LS9-32 and the 16-mic/line input 32 channel LS9-16. With it's greater input capacity and bus complement the LS9-32 is an idea choice for larger live sound applications with complex input and output requirements, while the LS9-16 offers maximum handling and operating ease for events and smaller live sound applications.

No-compromise Analog Circuit Design Delivers the Best Sound in this Class

The Yamaha PM1D digital mixing console and PM5000 analog console were acclaimed by leading sound engineers around the world for their stunning sound quality. The LS9 series consoles inherit the same type of superior sonic performance thanks to painstaking parts selection and detailed attention to the design of every circuit detail … right down to the power supply and grounding. Of course special attention has been paid to the critical had amplifiers, with outstanding results. Much of the technology developed for the top-end models mentioned above has been unreservedly applied to ensure that these mixers come out at the top of their class.

Intuitive Interface

Each input channel features a 100-millimeter fader, ON/OFF key, CUE key, and 6-segment LED level meter that allow analog-style hands-on operation of the primary channel functions. Yamaha's popular Selected Channel interface allows smooth, intuitive access to the more detailed channel functions via a color LCD display and an array of logically arranged encoders. And no matter what display is showing, you can instantly return to the main display by simply pressing the HOME key. This interface has been refined and proven over many generations of Yamaha digital mixing consoles.

16 or 32 Mono Input Channels Plus 4 Stereo Input Channels expandable up to 32 or 64 channels in Two Layers

Extensive Channel Functionality

The LS9 consoles feature recallable head amplifiers that cover a wide 72-dB input range, phantom power, phase switching, a high-pass filter, 4-band full parametric equalization, panning with LCR capability…all the basics. But there's much more. You can choose from two EQ response types, and each channel features two dynamics processors that can be used for gating, compression, ducking, expansion, and even de-essing. There's even an attenuator (with boost) that makes it possible to take full advantage of he console's extra digital word length for extraordinary sound quality. No analog console has ever offered this amount of control.

16 Mix Buses, 8 Matrix Buses, Plus Stereo and Mono Buses with LCR Mode

The LS9-32 has 16 analog "omni" XLR outputs on the rear panel, while the LS9-16 has 8. For easy expansion the LS9-32 has two Mini-YGDAI cards slots, and the LS9-16 has a single slot. The expansion slots make it easy to expand the consoles with high-quality analog I/O, or digital I/O in a range of formats. The 16 mix buses can function in either AUX (VARI) or GROUP (FIX) mode. When the AUX (VARI) mode is selected the send point can be set PRE EQ, PRE FADER, or POST FADER. 8 matrix buses are provided in addition to the mix buses, and these can be used for side fill or recorder sends, or anywhere additional sends are required. For easy, efficient monitor mixing a SENDS ON FADER feature instantly assigns to send levels to the consoles faders. The output busses feature many of the same functions as the input channels, including 4-band full parametric EQ and dynamics, for extended output processing capability.

The LS9-32 has a total of 33 faders and the LS9-16 has 17. The LS9-32 faders control the 32 inputs and stereo output, while the LS9-16 faders control the console's 16 inputs and stereo output. Since the LS9-32 can handle a maximum of 64 channels while the LS9-16 can handle a maximum of 32 channels, both models feature switchable channel layers with the second LS9-32 layer allowing direct control of channels 33 through 64, and the second LS9-16 layer providing access to channels 17 through 32. Input sources can be freely patched to the channels as required, and a single source can be patched to two channels, for example, with one in the first layer being used for front-of-house feed and another in the second layer for monitoring. Direct LAYER keys allow instantaneous switching between layers. Both consoles also feature four stereo inputs. When you consider the compact dimensions of these consoles, this much input capacity and versatility is a remarkable accomplishment.

Virtual Rack with Top-quality Effects

There's no need for external effect racks with an LS9 console, both models provide a Virtual Rack that's packed with a complete range of effects that will cover just about any processing requirements. Up to 4 multi-effect processors can be used simultaneously, and you can use as many as 8 graphic equalizers. The internal effect library offers 48 preset effects … including the acclaimed REV-X reverb effects. In addition to the standard 31-band single-channel GEQ units, you also have 2-channel Flex15GEQ units that allow up to 16 15-point GEQ units to be used simultaneously. Both GEQ types allow convenient band adjustment via the console faders, and the channel ON keys can be used to instantly reset the corresponding band to zero boost/cut.

Recall Safe and Recall Focus…Right Down to Head Amp Gain

The LS9 scene memory allows instant store and recall of all console parameters, including head amp gain. The Recall Safe function can be used to exclude specified channels from scene recall operations, making it possible to leave sound effect or MC channels unaffected by scene recall, for example. There's also the Recall Focus function that makes it possible to specify which function group will be affected by scene recall: head amp, virtual rack, input patch, output patch, input channel, or output channel.

USB Memory Recorder/Player for Convenient Recording and BGM or Effect Playback

The LS9 consoles feature a built-in 2-track USB memory recorder and player that eliminates the need for external 2-track devices for many applications. It's easy to make live recording direct from the console, and it's also a convenient way to play background music or sound effects. The USB memory player is compatible with MP3, AAC, and WMA file formats at 96, 128, or 196 kbps.


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Model LS9-32
Product Type Digital Mixing Console
Analog Input Characteristics Specifications
Input Terminals Input 1-32
Gain -62dB, +10dB
Actual Load Impedance 3kΩ
For Use With Nominal 50-600Ω Mics & 600Ω Lines
Input Level Specifications
Sensitivity -10dBu (245mV)
Nominal +10dBu (2.45V)
Max. before clip +30dBu (24.5V)
Connector XLR-3-31 type with latch(Balanced)
Analog Output Characteristics Specifications
Output Terminals Omni Out 1-16
Actual Source Imp. Omni Out 1-16: 75Ω Phones Out: 15Ω
For Use With Nominal Omni Out 1-16: 600Ω Lines Phones Out: 8Ω Phones, 40Ω Phones
Gain Switch Omni Out 1-16: +18dB
Output Level Specifications
Nominal Omni Out 1-16: -2dBu (616mV) Phones Out: 75mW/65mW
Max. before clip Omni Out 1-16: +18dBu (6.16V) Phones Out: 150mW
Connector Omni Out 1-16: XLR-3-32 type (Balanced) *1 Phones Out: Stereo Phone Jack (TRS) (Unbalanced)
Digital Input Characteristics Specifications
Terminal 2TR IN Digital, Coaxial
Format IEC-60958
Data Length 24bit
Level 0.5Vpp/75Ω
Connector RCA Pin Jack
Digital Output Characteristics Specifications
Terminal 2TR Out Digital, Coaxial
Format IEC-60958 Consumer Use
Data Length 24bit
Level 0.5Vpp/75Ω
Connector RCA Pin Jack
General Specifications
Sampling Frequency Internal: 44.1kHz, 48kHz External: 39.69 - 50.88kHz
Fader 100mm motorized x33
LCD Display 320 x 240 dots Graphic Color LCD
Phantom Power 48V
Power Requirements 170 W, 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Temperature Range Operation free-air +10°C to +35°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
Net Weight 19.4 kg, 42.77 lbs
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 884 x 220 x 500

Northen California

Great and affordable LS9-32 is top level quality mixer. Outstanding sound, lightweight and loads of new functions is all I need for the price muzeekworld is offering. Im using this mixer since a month, moving and setting it up myself with no problem, great thing!

San Francisco


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