bms 1032 application

FSR BMS 1032 Wall Plate Background Music systems

Audio Control Wall Plate for BMS-1032 Background Music System

Product Highlights

  • Two-gang wall plate in each room controls volume, channel selection and page programming
  • Headphone input for private listening
  • Outputs stereo line level audio
  • Local audio input
  • Homeruns directly to main unit via one CAT-5 cable

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FSR BMS-1032 Audio Control Wall Plate for Background Music System

FSR Model Number: F-BWP

This is the audio control wall plate for the FSR BMS-1032 Background Music System. It's two-gang, meaning it fits standard wall boxes with four screws. You gain control over volume, channel selection and page programming. The wall plate is limited to one per room, so if you're using the maximum of 32 rooms with a single BMS-1032 you'll also need 32 audio control wall plates. Each wall plate homeruns directly to the main unit through a single CAT-5 cable and outputs stereo line level audio. Each wall plate also features a headphone input for private listening.


  • Two-gang wall plate in each room controls volume, channel selection and page programming
  • The wall plate outputs stereo line level audio to the contractor-supplied powered speakers or local amp and speaker systm in each room or can drive two 8Ω speakers with an RMS of 2.5W per channel
  • A local audio input (personal CD player or tape player) can also be connected in each room and selected from the wall plate. The wall plate can control volume of the local device and allow paging through the speakers, even when the music is turned off
  • Each wall plate homeruns directly to the main unit via one CAT-5 cable. If the wall plate is to power speakers, then the cable run is up to 500 feet from the main system. If you use the line level output of the wall plate then you can run the wall plate up to 1000 feet from the main unit

Wall Plates

Volume Control Range: -40 to 0dB

Local Audio Input:

Local Input: Stereo Unbalanced

Local Input Gain: 10dB fixed

Nominal Local Input Level: -10dBV/0.25VRMS

Max Local Input Level: +dBV/1.0VRMS

Audio Output:

Line Output: Stereo Unbalanced

Gain: Unity with respect to rack audio inputs, when rack trim control is set to unity and wall plate volume is set to max.

Distortion: 0.065% @ 1 VRMS, 1kHz, 1k load wall plate volume max. (typical)

Speaker Output:

Power 0.75 watts/channel RMS 2.5 watts/channel music power

Speaker Impedance: 8Ω recommended

Distortion: 0.3% @ 0.75 watts into 8Ω 20Hz-20kHz

Mono Jumper: When installed, sums left and right rack audio and feeds it to both left and right outputs. Local inputs remain stereo - bridge them separately for mono operation

Headphone Output: 1/8" jack provided for connection to 16-32Ω headphones. Headphones are automatically sensed and disable line and speaker outputs when plugged in. Page audio unconditionally overrides this feature reenabling all outputs for the duration of the page


Size: 4.5" wide x 4.5" high x 2.5" deep

Mounting: fits standard two-gang electrical wall box with four screws

Switches: Membrane

Connector: RJ45

Cable: four-pair 24awg solid CAT-5 shielded cable, Belden 1584A or equivalent

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